Driving Lessons and Prices

Driving school BedfordYou should bring both parts of your provisional license to your first driving lesson.

At the start of the first driving lesson, you will be asked to read a number plate at the legally required distance of 20 metres for a new style plate or 20.5 metres for an old style (you will also be asked to do this at the beginning of your practical test). If you think you may need glasses for driving then you will need to bring them along. It would be a good idea to have an eye test if you are unsure.

You will receive an Appointment Card and Progress Record to enable you to monitor your progress week-on-week enabling you and your instructor to set and achieve regular goals.

This covers the entire syllabus. You will be graded from 1–10 after each lesson, 1 being the subject introduction and 10 meaning you can deal with the subject independently.

The first lesson will involve going over the safety checks, called the cockpit drill, you will be required to do at the start of each lesson then learning how the controls of the car work to ensure you have a good understanding of the car before we practice moving off and stopping.

The subjects covered in the syllabus are as follows:

  • Cockpit drill (safety checks)
  • Understanding hand and foot controls
    and how they work
  • Moving off and making normal stops
  • Turning from major roads into minor roads
  • Emerging from minor roads into major road
  • Dealing with crossroads
  • Dealing with roundabouts
  • Meeting approaching traffic
  • Pedestrian crossings and the use of signals
  • Emergency stop
  • Turn in the road
  • Left reversing
  • Reverse parking

All driving lessons in Bedford are conducted in a manual car.


  • Lesson Time Cost
  • 1hr 26.00
  • 2hrs 50.00
  • 10hrs (5 x 2 hrs) - paid in advance 245.00
  • 6hrs - Pass Plus 175.00
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